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Founding Meeting of the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education

Faculty Groups Gather to Craft a United Stand on Higher-Education Policy, January 23, 2011, by Audrey Williams June (PDF)

Inside Higher Education

Restoring the Faculty Voice, January 24, 2011, by Dan Berrett (PDF)

Times Herald / Vallejo, CA

California teachers join peers across the nation in campaign for more funding, January 27, 2011, by Sarah Rohrs (PDF)


Launch of Campaign for the Future of Higher Education

At the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.INSIDE HIGHER ED
Reframing the Debate, by Dan Berrett, May 18, 2011‎

WASHINGTON — Faculty leaders from 21 states on Tuesday formally launched a nationwide effort to fight cuts to their institutions’ budgets and to make higher education more widely accessible, and they announced the formation of a think tank to advance … The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, which resulted from a January meeting of leaders of faculty unions, espouses goals that are, at this point, more conceptual than concrete. The possible exception is the think tank, …


CHFE Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education works in support of and in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street (OWS). We are and we educate the 99%.

Just as OWS is decrying the growing, vast gap between the mega-rich and the public, the CFHE decries the growing gap between college opportunities enjoyed by the wealthiest versus the rest of us. College should not be rationed by income, ethnicity, or immigrant status. All who can benefit have a right to affordable, quality higher education.