Accreditation Woes for the University of Phoenix


Recent reports that the University of Phoenix may be placed on probation by the accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, raise yet one more serious concern about an institution that not so long ago was hailed as the “wave of the future.”

At the center of criticism is the claim that the University of Phoenix lacks the necessary autonomy from the Apollo Group (its parent company) to “assure the institution’s integrity.”

We are unimpressed with the reported response of Apollo officials, who “believe that it is neither remarkable nor improper for a parent corporation to exercise appropriate influence over its wholly owned subsidiary.”

We hope accreditors and elected officials will remain vigilant in scrutinizing “providers” who receive billions of dollars from the public but whose allegiance clearly lies elsewhere.

Students should be prioritized over stockholders and long-term quality over the short-term bottomline.