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CFA releases new report “Equity, Interrupted: How California Is Cheating Its Future”

The California Faculty Association has released a report about the systemic underfunding of the California State University system and its impact on students and higher education in the state.

The report also analyzes race, class and college affordability, and finds that over the past 30 years, as the CSU has gotten increasingly more diverse, state funding for the university system has been on a steady decline. In other words, as the CSU got darker, funding got lighter. 


Undermining Affordability and Access to Higher Education

A recent report from the New America Foundation highlights one important way access to higher education is closing down for low-income students. Even after Pell grants are factored in, the net cost of college for many of these students is still rising at an unacceptable rate.

Factors driving this trend are evident in the recent history of Baylor University, an institution that has “rebranded” itself, improved its ranking in college ratings, and upped the average SAT score of its students.


Free College – Not Just a Pipe Dream

Even though rising tuition seems the norm at many colleges and universities in the U.S., the idea of a free college degree is not just a pipe dream. As a recent piece from Consumer Reports points out, there are colleges in the US that charge no tuition and some that even provide free room and board for all students.