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Who is Professor “Staff,” and how can this person teach so many classes?

Executive Summary

Most of the faculty on American college and university campuses are contingent employees, working in conditions very different from the image of academic professional life that informs contemporary discussions of higher education policy. This report describes the findings of a recent survey of contingent faculty in the United States, focusing on the working conditions imposed upon contingent faculty and the\ ways those conditions impact students and the quality of the education they receive.

Announcement Gary Rhoades

Closing the Door, Increasing Gap: Who’s not going to (community) college?

Executive Summary

Across our nation, community colleges are closing their doors, deferring the dreams of more than 400,000 prospective students. It is a retreat from America’s commitment to expand college access and success happening, ironically, at the very moment that our nation’s leaders say we need more, not fewer, people with post-secondary education. It is a retreat that threatens our nation’s future.