Tax Day Flier 2013


Download the flyer:

Ways To Use The Flyer

Here is a recap of some of ways to use the flyers…

  • THE FACULTY: Email it to faculty on your member list during the week of April 15.
  • YOUR CAMPUS: Post it to bulletin boards and distribute it widely on your campus during the week of April 15. Also, hand it out to staff and students— they need to know that the funding is possible.
  • LEGISLATORS: Deliver it to members of your state legislature.
  • NEWS MEDIA: Email it to your news media list. You can add a cover sheet with a statement from your organization about the Race to Zero in your state.
  • ONGOING: Keep it handy to use on visits to legislators and editorial boards and to use at other meetings and events. And share with other organizations you belong to!

Please share on this discussion list updates on how you used the flyer. Your ideas will help us all raise the faculty voice on the truth about funding for higher education.

Technical Stuff

  • There are three files attached to this post.
  • The PDF file contains the front and back sides of the single-sheet, letter-size flyer.  To use it, simply print this file out and copy it using two-sided copying.
  • The Word files contain the front and back sides in separate files (labeled FRONT and BACK).  You can add your contact info to the front. You can add info about your state next to the chart showing the Race to Zero by state.
  • Sometimes the design of Word files gets garbled, especially as the files pass through email. If you get a garbled version, view the PDF to see what the flyer should look like.